ALMA VILLEGAS  brings over 15 years of experience facilitating engagement efforts founded on social justice and equity. She has worked collaboratively on a broad range of projects conducting field assessments using diverse methodologies including but not limited to online, phone and in-person interview and surveys, focus group facilitation, and media and social networking platforms for multi-lingual and multi-cultural communities.

Alma  has a long track record of working with the private and public sector as an equity and community engagement advisor evaluating policies and practices and ensuring that diverse perspectives are at the forefront. She has partnered on the development and implementation of several community liaison and trusted advocates models of engagement that go beyond translation and place the trans creation process as the centerpiece.

In 2014, Alma was awarded the Washington State Planners Association Award for new Innovative Community Engagement Program for the development of the Community Connectors Pilot Program in partnership with the City of Tukwila and the organization Forterra.

Alma is a certified Spanish interpreter and translator.

She has served on various committees and commissions including the Equity Task Force Community Oversight Committee for the Seattle Public Schools and the Equity and Diversity Commission for the City of Tukwila.