Strategic Planning & Community Engagement

with an Equity Lens 

Community Engagement Facilitation 

  • Data Analysis & Assessment
  • Field Research and Data Collection
  • Community Engagement Content Development & Facilitation
    • One on one and group interviews
    • Online and field surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Equity training and Community Conversations
  • Finding Reporting & Actionable Recommendations

    • Data transcription
    • Report summaries
    • Recommendations and next  steps
    • Technical assistance - work plan implementation

Community Ambassador Model Development

  • Liaison identification, engagement and mentorship
  • Language and culturally-specific community organizing
  • Action planning and implementation
  • Capacity building and leadership development

    • Systems navigation and advocacy
    • Equitable community engagement
    • One on one and group training and mentorship

Collaboration and Coalition Building Services

  • Partner, program and service assessment and mapping
  • Coalition building and planning
  • Facilitation and coordination

Project Support Services

  • Technical assistance on diverse population engagement
  • Interpreter and translation coordination
  • Spanish translation and interpretation